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N2SkyC system provides a virtual collaboration platform to the computational intelligence community. It realizes the Neural Networks as a Service paradigm allowing to share and exchange neural network knowledge resources on a worldwide basis by a transparent environment fostering state-of-art hardware and software infrastructures. The system is motivated by the goal to deliver an intuitive tool for different stakeholders of the neural network community, as arbitrary users, looking for a packaged neural network solution to a given problem, neural network engineers, creating and training their own neural network object based on available paradigms, and experienced neural network contributors, developing and implementing their own neural network type and sharing it with the community. 
To meet these targets N2Sky provides an intuitive user interface which embodies latest web technology to make the user’s interaction as simple and efficient as possible. Fostering cloud resources N2Sky is based on container-based virtualization technology to provide higher flexibility, portability, dynamic orchestration, and performance.  
The N2SkyC prototype «Link» is a novel Cloud-based neural network simulation environment, which follows a microservices approach, which is an extension of service-oriented infrastructure. The system implements a transparent environment aiming to enable both novice and experienced users to do neural network research easily and comfortably. 
N2SkyC is built using the RAVO «Link», a reference architecture for virtual organizations, which allows itself naturally integrating into the Cloud service stack (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS) of service-oriented architectures. 
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