Workshop GRCIS & HC-PAIS (up)

The HC-PAIS Workshop will be held in conjunction with the CRCIS Workshop «». 

Keynote Speech (up)

"Pragmatic Quality of Business Process Models in Governance, Risk and Control" 
Business process models are increasingly used for capturing business operations of companies. These models play an important role in the requirements elicitation phase of to-be-created information systems and in as-is analysis of business efficiency. The quality of process models has been studied from different angles in recent research, mostly with a focus on syntax and semantics. In this keynote, I will summarize the essential findings of this stream of research and identify gaps on the side of pragmatic quality. In particular, I will focus on the application of process models in governance, risk and control scenarios showing what we do know from prior research and what would be important to find out in the future. 
Jan Mendling 
Prof. Dr. Jan Mendling is a Full Professor and head of the Institute for Information Business at Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (WU Vienna), Austria. His research areas include Business Process Management, Conceptual Modelling and Enterprise Systems. He has published more than 150 research papers and articles, among others in ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology, IEEE Transaction on Software Engineering, Information Systems, Data & Knowledge Engineering, and Decision Support Systems. He is member of the editorial board of three international journals, one of the founders of the Berlin BPM Community of Practice («»), organizer of several academic events on process management, and member of the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining. His Ph.D. thesis has won the Heinz-Zemanek-Award of the Austrian Computer Society and the German Targion-Award for dissertations in the area of strategic information management. 


WORKSHOP PROGRAM GRCIS & HC-PAIS (Tuesday, 26.06.2012) (up)

Session 1: 
Opening and Keynote HC-PAIS and GRCIS 
Keynote: "Pragmatic Quality of Business Process Models in Governance, Risk and Control" 
Keynote Speaker: Jan Mendling
Coffee break
Session 2 (GRCIS Topics): 
Control Automation to reduce Costs of Control
Rob Christiaanse and Joris Hulstijn 
Introducing a Mashup-based Approach for Design-Time Compliance Checking in Business Processes
Cristina Cabanillas, Manuel Resinas and Antonio Ruiz-Cortés 
Integrity of Supply Chain Visibility: Linking Information to the Physical World
Joris Hulstijn, Sietse Overbeek, Huib Aldewereld and Rob Christiaanse
Session 3 (HC-PAIS Topics): 
Towards Gesture-based Process Modeling on Multi-Touch Devices
Jens Kolb, Benjamin Rudner, Manfred Reichert 
Individual Creativity in Designing Business Processes
Kathrin Figl, Barbara Weber 
User-centric Abstraction of Workflow Logic Applied to Software Engineering Processes
Gregor, Grambow, Roy Oberhauser, Manfred Reichert
Coffee break
Session 4: 
Working Session HC-PAIS and GRCIS
HC-PAIS: Towards a definition of Human-orientation in PAIS and collection of (future) research topics and ideas in the context of human-orientation in PAIS
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